State PN

The Federation of Deux Rives (FDR)

A Blackfoot state west of the Mediterranean.
The Blackfoot take their destiny into their own hands as part of the Universal Declaration of Peoples’ Rights signed in Algiers on July 4, 1976.
Peace for the only fight (Albert Camus)
The New Atlanthrope From Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Egypt
5 million men and women, Blackfoot, from Europe, born in Africa,
whose families were 4 days after the Evian agreement signed on March 19, 1962:
– illegally despoiled of their property,
– massacred by the thousands,
– suddenly dispersed over the 5 continents,
– slandered by their executioners,
– insulted by politicians
Set out to reclaim a territory and international status following a
Genocide, an Exodus and the Dispersion.
After half a century of suffering, like the Armenians, the Jews or
Palestinians, bear witness to history and challenge international bodies.