The Blackfoot: towards their destiny

The brochure that you hold in your hands is the matrix of a work that was presented to you during the year 2019.

The idea of the creation of a Blackfoot State, free and sovereign, did not come out, like a rabbit pulled by the ears, from the hat of a magician who was a little crazy and illusionist at will. It is certainly one of the best kept secrets of the Fifth Republic, the one that has shed the most French blood since the birth of the Pied-Noir people.
It all probably begins with the destruction of Jerusalem, the capture of supporters of John of Gischala and the flight of Jewish tribes to North Africa, via Egypt.
This long march through the centuries to the present day has seen the emergence of a new people formed by successive contributions, in Berberia, of Europeans from the north shore of the Mediterranean to settle on the south shore of this inland lake between Europe and Africa.
This junction between the Deux Rives is the very reason for giving our Blackfoot State the nickname of the Federation of Deux Rives (FDR).
If we agree to consider that Alexandre Arcady and his brothers are Pieds-Noirs, then we must not cut them off from their roots and consider that they are also those of all those who intertwined their blood to give a common identity. to a new people, emerging from the shadows of history.
This people, the Blackfoot, certainly took its consistency and its conscience with the capture of Algiers in 1830 by the French troops who drove out the Turks, after an occupation which dated from the XVIth century, following that of the Arabs installed since the VIIth century. century.
Like the Arabs and Turks, France colonized North Africa.
In the diplomatic impossibility of maintaining itself on the southern shore of the Mediterranean, France decided to withdraw from it in 1956 by putting an end to the various forms of protectorates in Egypt, Tunisia and Morocco. It completed its withdrawal with independence given to Algeria in 1962.

Secret negotiations began between the Arabs and the French from September 16, 1959. They continued to take place until March 18, 1962, when the Evian Accords were signed.
Three solutions were considered by France:
– Algeria remains French,
– Algeria is handed over to the Arabs,
– Algeria becomes a federal state respecting the three ethnic groups (Berbers, Arabs and Blackfoot) grouped geographically.
It was the second solution that won out because it was the easiest to implement with the consent of the international community.
The secret agreements, providing for the return of Arab hegemony, allowed the First Algerian Republic to master the Berber question and the Fifth French Republic to influence the presence of the Blackfoot in North Africa.
Four days after the Evian accords, the Fifth Republic organized the Genocide, the Exodus and the Dispersion of the Blackfoot in the World, starting with the massacre of the inhabitants of the Bab el Oued ghetto on March 23, 1962, passing through that of Algiers on March 26, 1962 and ending with that of July 5, 1962 in Oran which could only take place because the French Government at the time had withdrawn the French troops leaving the field open to the National Liberation Army .
The Blackfoot were left to fend for themselves. No backup plan was put in place, each fleeing by sea and air to various horizons and on their own. Spain alone organized controlled clearing operations by means of warships at the risk of a clash with French naval forces.
Supporters of French Algeria and Federal Algeria continued to fight in an attempt to allow the Blackfoot and Berbers to control their destinies. This was followed by individual and collective massacres perpetrated by confidential services of the two Republics from 1962 to the present day.
In recent times, a Kabyle provisional government has been formed in order to obtain international recognition for the fight of the Movement for the Autonomy of Kabylia with the help of the UNPO (Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization).
Similarly, the Association des Pieds-Noirs in the World and their Friends (PNMA) gave birth on October 1, 2016 to the Pied-Noir State, an event hoped for since 1870, under the name of Fédération des Deux Rives (FDR ).
We will present all the details and documents of the attempts to create this State since 1870 in the work to be published, but we will retain a few names of the authors listed in chronological order: Romuald Vuillermoz, Félix Dessoliers, Raymond Aron, Robert Hersant, Général Edmond Jouhaud, David ben Gourion, Jean Sarradet, René Villard, General Paul Gardy, Jacques Villard.
All the actors of this Third Fraternal Way had to face obstacles, some of which were insurmountable because they were sanctioned by
It is certain that its application would have avoided great suffering for the Blackfoot by allowing them to live and prosper in their native land.
It now remains to forge a future for the descendants of this Blackfoot People and their Nation through the gigantic works that await the Blackfoot State.
Jacques Villard
If the author of this article is cited among those who tried to establish a Pied-Noir state, it is not because he is the son of René Villard or the current head of the Pied-Noir state, but well because he was the founder, at the request of General Jouhaud, of the Patria Nostra Association which aimed to create a Blackfoot State in 1972.